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"And they're all asking, are you in or are you out?"

22 May
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User Number: 11678742
Date Created:2006-11-24
Number of Posts: 27

Whitney finds a constant source of entertainment through the likes of Hugh Laurie and Zach Braff. She enjoys spelling, jeans, and soft toilet paper. When not playing video games on her computer during class, she can be found grazing the Scottish highlands, or swimming amidst a loch with her monster brethren.
Strengths: Scoring A's on heavy during DDR rounds, air guitar improvisation, not giving a crap about work.
Weaknesses: Bites nails, eats too much junk food, lazy as all hell, the morning.
Special Skills: Being the Loch Ness Monster, proving mathematically that geometry is boring and unnecessary, eating.
Weapons: Sais, heat vision, roundhouse kick to the face, super secret wolverine powers.
Favorites: Smashing Pumpkins, BMW 325i Sedan, Scotland, Chex Mix, The Sims 2, Not spandex.

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